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    Stormlight Archive® Dust Jackets

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    The Stormlight Archive® is Brandon Sanderson’s magnum opus and a guaranteed future classic of the fantasy genre. Transform your shelves with our set of reimagined dust jackets for this award winning fantasy series. Allow yourself to be transported from the shattered plains through Urithiru and the Horneater Peaks, as a highstorm and Everstorm clash.

    The breathtaking artwork is presented on thick satin coated paper; with all titles embossed and stamped in gold foil, a must have for any true Sanderfan!

    *This is for the covers only, the hardback books are NOT included. 

    These jackets ONLY fit the Tor Books Hardcover editions:

    1. The Way of Kings (9th printing - thinner spine) | ISBN  9780765326355
    2. Words of Radiance (6th printing - thinner spine) | ISBN  9780765326362
    3. Oathbringer | ISBN  9780765326379
    4. Rhythm of War | ISBN  9780765326386

    These dust jackets are designed to fit only the editions of the books stated in the “Details” tab. 

    (a) based on The Stormlight Archive® novels by Brandon Sanderson, copyright © 2010, 2014, 2017, 2020 by Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC and used with the express
    permission of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.

    (b) The Stormlight Archive®, Brandon Sanderson®, and Dragonsteel Entertainment® are registered trademarks of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.

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